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Light up your projects

Daou Lighting is a global-oriented company that specialized in outdoor luminaires for professional use, from more than 10 years now, we have been developing and manufacuring durable LED luminaires for partners from all over the world. We are doing our best to exploit the market, and bringing advanced lighting concept to more people.


In-depth, highly specialized technical and design expertise, together with a great passion for the lighting industry and a long-standing tradition of excellence, make Daou Lighting a leading and reliable business partner.

Certified Quality

All of our products go through with an accurate testing
process to vertify their compliance with the existing regulations and adherence to the highest standards of quality.


In more than 10 years of activity, Daou Lighting has always been capable of renewing and innovating to response to the technological revolutions within the industry and to meet the needs of an ever-changing market, creating new and unique concept and products.


We understand lighing projects are not transient, but long-term commitments, so we manufacture our products with the highest quality materials and can be proven over time. With our rich experience, our products are able to satisfy technical requirements of any projects.

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