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Pallas Series

Well designed LED projectors with essential and round element that fits perfectly for lighting landscapes, trees and architectural details. The luminaires feature two sizes with four different mounting ways, offering a range of peerless solutions with light flows up to 6000 lm. Efficient optical system combined with built-in honeycomb louvre for maximum visual comfort. Breather valve technology used for improving performance while working in outdoor environments.

news 2021

Uni-Washer Series

Linear LED luminaires designed for outdoor wall grazing and washing enhancement on architectural facades, standard length 1000mm and customized lengths on request. Uniform light color coverage even on close-up installations thanks to PMMA optical system. No shadow where the luminaires are jointed. They come with new color mixing technology, with 5-in-1 and 7-in-1 LEDs, there are more vivid colors can be mixed, it gives architects and lighting designers the freedom to explore a wider range of concepts and design with no limitations.

News 2021

Sonax Wash Series

Walk-over LED luminaires for outdoor in-ground installation, created to produce vertical illuminance for brightening outdoor architectures, they feature asymmetrical elliptical light distributions for wall washing applications. The in-ground luminaires with efficient structure and quality optical components for enhanced visual comfort. Uniform illumination on facades thanks to PMMA lens.

news 2021

Zeus Pro Series

Highly engineered high mast LED luminaires with robust design, developed to provide a combination of performance and flexibility for lighting projects which high lux level required.  The luminaires feature modular design, each light head can be rotated individually, it will improve optics precision and efficiency. Perfect for sport stadiums, arenas, airports, harbors, and many other large areas where require high mast LED lighting Supplied with 10KV surge protection device. Luminous efficacy up to 150 lm/W.

News 2021

Polestar Series

LED street luminaires with optimal light performance, developed for making roadways safer for vehicle drivers and pedestrians. The luminaires feature tool-free access electrical compartment which can be opened without any tools for maintenance thanks to latches design. Prepared hole for optional NEMA socket, photocell and shorting cap. Breather valve technology for improved waterproof and heat dissipation performance.

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